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Upstander Programming

Upstander Programming aims develop a culture of looking out for one other on campus. It takes our motto "take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care of this place" and creates a call to action. Upstander Programming is rooted in Bystander Training programs, which are specifically focused to educate people to be proactive and reactive in helping others in areas of sexual violence.

Through training programs, educational videos, and awareness weeks, our office seeks to develop a campus community where students and staff are equipped with skills to intervene in any situation that may negatively impact the Western community.

Examples of being an upstander could include:

  • creating a distraction to break up a heated argument between two strangers,
  • calling for help if someone is passed out from drinking too much,
  • picking up litter in the hallway , or
  • telling your RA that you're concerned about your roommate who is having trouble fitting in.

We ask students to remember this call to action: if you See Something, Do Something.

Sexual violence is NOT tolerated at Western

All members of the Western community have the right to study, learn, work and research in an environment free of sexual violence. Any and all acts of sexual violence will be addressed and individuals who have committed an act of sexual violence will be held accountable. Simply put, sexual violence is not tolerated at Western.

Please visit for more information.

See Something, Do Something: Western's Male Leaders Speak out Against Sexual Violence

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