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Roommates: Living Together

Roommate agreements outline standards of behaviours that each roommate agrees to live by in order to fulfill a successful roommate relationship! Roommates who create and follow their roommate agreement generally report positive living experiences.

Please view page 16 in your In-Room Guide pdf file to view the Roommate Bill of Responsibilities.

This guide provides a brief introduction to topics that are important to cover when creating a roommate agreement. Included are questions to consider and discuss with your roommate(s). Then, arrange a time with your residence staff member to review write up the agreement. In the future, If any changes need to be made to the agreement, first discuss the changes with your roommate(s), and then ask your staff member.

Your residence staff member will help facilitate roommate agreement discussions as well as any amendments or changes to your living situation. These conversations with your residence staff member are confidential, which means that they will only tell someone else what you spoke about on a need-to-know basis. They will never engage in gossip or talk to other people on the floor about your conversations.

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