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Residence Events Pass Information


What is a Residence Events Pass?

A Residence Events Pass represents all the excitement of living in Residence. Students who purchase a Residence Events Pass will be given access to ticketed* Residents' Council events. Each Council is a little bit different, but the Residence Events Pass generally includes a Semi-Formal, a Formal, and access to other great building-specific events! The cost of purchasing a Residence Events Pass is $90.

*There are lots of FREE events that Residents' Councils offer to students - another perk of #livingon! The Residence Events Pass is a bundle ticket for all paid events throughout the academic year.

What's in it for me?

Buying your Residence Events Pass now means that the cost is rolled into the rest of your Residence Fees. That means that the cost is paid when you pay your first installment of Fees. It also means that you won't have to worry about buying tickets to events during the year - you'll just have to show up! Finally, because the cost is included in your Residence Fees, you can use your OSAP loans and/or grants to cover the cost. Sweet!

How do I get a Residence Events Pass?

Students may opt-in to the Residence Events Pass as part of their Residence Placement Questionnaire, at which time the Residence Events Pass fee will be assessed as part of your Residence Fees. If you have been assessed the Residence Events Pass fee and wish to opt-out, you can do so until August 15, 2019 by emailing

If you choose not to opt-in, you can still purchase a Residence Events Pass on move-in day. Alternately, your Residents' Council will sell individual tickets to paid events throughout the year.

Can I check to see I have been assessed the fee already?

Yes, you can. To see if you opted in to receive the Residence Events Pass, log in to your myHousing Portal

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