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Student Leader Opportunities

Available Positions

Join Residents' Council. Learn more here.

Perfect for First Year Students

This is a great opportunity to get involved, meet people from your residence and develop leadership skills. Residents' Council positions are selected in September and January every year.

Apply to be a RezSoph. Learn more here.

For Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference

Sophs are upper-years living in residence who lead Orientation Week activities and act as peer mentors throughout the rest of the year. Check back here in the fall for application information.

Apply for Residence Staff. Learn more here.

Great for Second Years or Higher

Contribute to the residence experience by becoming a rez staff member. Develop your leadership skills while being part of a strong, dynamic team. Check back here in November for application information.

Apply to RezNet. Learn more here.

It's about people, not computers!

If you have excellent customer service skills and enjoy working in a team environment, apply to work with us! RezNet will be looking for students to join next year's team beginning in December.

Apply for Residence Tour Guides. Learn more here.

Show off your new home away from home!

Everyone wants to know what it's like to live the RezLife, and while you're living with us, you can be the one to give the grand tour. Join a team that's passionate about the Residence experience whether you're in first-year or living on campus in your upper years!

Apply to Street Team Members. Learn more here.

Promote Upper-Year Living

As a Street Team Member, it's your job to provide information about Residence to students seeking accommodation in their upper years. You'll gain valuable public speaking skills, as well as learn about the benefits of on-campus living.


Campus Life.

Travelling Safely for the Holidays

Whether you're planning to get on a flight or stay in residence over the holiday season, here are some tips for safe travel.
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Fun and Productive Breaks during Exam Season

Don't feel bad for taking a break... do something productive and have fun all at the same time. Here are a few ways...
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Why I became Rez Soph

Join the sophing community so you can get involved, while showing the incoming class how much fun you had when you stayed in rez. Read full article
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