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Co-Curricular Record

Co-Curricular Record Program

Western offers tons of learning opportunities that happen outside of the classroom. We want to help you succeed and thrive at Western by connecting classroom learning to real-life settings that give you a chance to have fun, make meaningful connections with others, make a difference in the world, and take control of your future.

Western's Co-Curricular Record is a program that helps record your personalized history of your Western experience. A place to put all of your "stuff" all in one spot!

You can use your co-curricular record to prepare a personalized document of your key Western activities and experiences, that are then validated by staff and faculty members. You can then print your record and adapt its use for a specific audience (e.g. job interviews, grad school application, portfolio, etc.)

For more information on Western's Co-Curricular Record, or to start logging your experiences, you can visit the WCCR website at

Visit the CCR Website

For full details and information about the Co-Curricular Record Program, visit the CCR website -

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