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Alternative Spring Break

About the ASB Program

ASB is an exciting opportunity for you to participate in a week-long or two week-long, hands-on, community service learning experience! You might choose to join a team that is teaching English at in the Dominican Republic, providing medical clinics to under-serviced communities in Costa Rica, or helping to support programs for at-risk populations in our own community of London, Ontario.

The Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program is designed to allow you and your peers the chance to do something different during Western's Reading Week in February or during your summer break in May. We have partnered with a variety of community organizations, both locally and across the globe, who are anxious to benefit from the knowledge, passion, and hard work of students just like you.

The main difference between the ASB program and other volunteer opportunities is the dual emphasis placed on the service AND the learning that takes place during the experience. Each ASB experience offers you the opportunity to work and serve alongside individuals and organizations in the heart of the community. This hands-on interaction is important as you begin to understand what it feels like to be an engaged citizen.

You'll also have the opportunity to process your experience through daily reflection, including group discussion, personal journaling, readings, and other learning activities. This learning is just as important, as you begin to understand more about the social, cultural, and economic issues facing different communities, and what it means to be an engaged citizen.

Visit the ASB Website

For full details and information about the ASB program and to apply, visit the ASB website:

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