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Why I Became Residence Staff

Caroline Leung

Upon becoming a residence staff (RezStaff) member I basically stepped into a whole new world (insert music here). I gained many new points-of-view from my residents as well as my fellow staff members who all have different backgrounds, experiences, talents and personalities. It's basically like flying on a magic carpet... no seriously. I met a lot of people that I would not have met otherwise (including a few of my best friends) and I am confident our relationships will remain strong long after being in Residence Life.

Being on RezStaff provided me with great leadership opportunities and also allowed me to see all the great things we do here at Western. I've gained many transferable skills that have allowed me to become a better individual and friend. It challenged me to not only lead first year students to grow, but for myself to grow as a person as well. There is truly nothing like Residence Life.

You will meet the most energetic, thoughtful, dedicated, involved, inspiring, passionate, caring, exciting, creative, driven, coachable, accepting, and diverse individuals on staff. So much of the Western experience happens within living on campus and I love being given the opportunity to give back! They basically pay me to become a better person, and fly on a magic carpet (okay, enough with the Aladdin references). So... what are you waiting for!?

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