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Why I Became a Rez Soph

Zachary Hawley

I chose to Residence Soph because I wanted to lead first year students through one of the largest Orientation Programs in Canada, while helping integrate first year students into life at Western.

The best part is that you had a hand in planning that Orientation Week. After Oweek, you get to lead a floor of first year students while working with other sophs and staff members of the building.

This is your chance to show your creativity, initiative, leadership, and your passion to plan programming and to work with other students. You get to become a mentor for the first year students and help them get both socially and academically integrated into university life. Not only do you get to work with first year students, but you get to work with a team of other fellow sophs who share the same passion. You get to meet new people and become part of one of the largest communities on campus.

Residence Sophing offers a lot of opportunities to improve your leadership ability, and allows you to challenge yourself to continuously grow as a leader. This program was able to help me integrate into university life as a first year student, and allowed me to grow as a leader and as a person when I became a soph.

The opportunity to get involved with Residence Sophing is a once in a lifetime chance and I promise once you join you will have no regrets.

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