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Travelling Safely for the Winter Break


As you begin to plan your travel arrangements for winter break, whether you're planning to get on a flight or stay in residence, here are some tips for safe travel.

Pro Tips

  1. Don't book transportation until you have your final exam schedule. Getting from point A to point B is tough enough without having to reschedule for exam season. Check your schedule out here.
  2. If you require transportation to the London or Toronto airport to make it to your holiday destination, check out the subsidized shuttle service being run by the USC here. Registration is first come first serve, so get your request in early!
  3. If you're visiting somewhere warm over the holidays, be sure to research travel immunizations before departing. These services can be accessed by appointment at the London Travel Clinic.
  4. Before departing for your destination, always message a friend or family member with your travel details. Whether you are taking the bus, train, or arranging a ride with your parents, communicating timelines and modes of transportation can help keep everything moving smoothly.
  5. Finally, do your research. There are many informal travel options, and while these can provide flexibility and cost savings, they may not be accredited or monitored. Therefore there's no guarantee for travelers.

From everyone on the Residence Life Management Team, have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

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