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Top 10 Tips for Living in Residence

  1. Get Involved
    Western offers an endless supply of engaging opportunities. From interest based clubs to recreational sports teams, and from video game tournaments to on-campus employment/volunteer opportunities, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone! There's no Pokemon Club? Make your own! Western is committed to providing every student a sense of belonging by connecting you with people of similar interests and passions. The same applies in residence. Get out there. Meet new people. Take chances and make mistakes! You'll never know if you never try.
  2. Get to know your floor
    Basically, your floormates are your family away from home. They are the ones you'll watch cheesy rom-coms with until 4:00 AM, and they are the ones you will turn to if you have a rough day. Your floor is where you'll find a sense of pride and identity. Get to know everyone on your floor, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you didn't know about them. Plus, if you need a bandaid or Q-Tips, it's just easier to mooch off of other people than to buy your own.
  3. Set rules with your roommates
    As much as Western aims to place you with your compatible roommate, no two people are exactly the same (not even eHarmony produces guaranteed matches). When two or more lifestyles come together, there needs to be parameters. Roommates are like any relationship - they require trust, open communication, and flexibility. Agreements are created as a precaution, not as a way of saying conflicts are inevitable. Having discussions about things like room temperature, garbage/recycling removal, guest policies, and quiet hours are key to living in harmony with your roommate.
  4. Know your resources
    Living away from home, presumably for the first time, can be potentially challenging at times. It's important to know that there is an army of professionals, volunteers, and friends that have your back. Residence Life Staff, Student Health Services, the Student Success Center, and countless other services are at your fingertips. You just have to be willing to accept help when you need it, and know where to find it.
  5. See Something, Do Something
    It's our philosophy here in residence and it's simple: if you see something, do something about it. Whether you are able to help on your own or it requires the attention of a staff member or a professional, problems must be acknowledged and not simply swept under the rug. Western is a family, we look out for each other. Easy as that.
  6. Take care of yourself
    As important as it is to take care of each other, it's equally (if not more) important to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you keeping yourself hydrated? Eating your four food groups? Exercising? It might be overwhelming at times to maintain your own wellness, but just remember that you are your #1 fan. You need to help yourself before you can effectively help others and excel in all other areas of your life. It all starts with YOU.
  7. Know your limitations
    Yes, getting involved is a great way to meet new people and get the most out of your university experience; however, you need to know when you're spreading yourself out too thin. Committing to too much can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. You want to give 110% in all that you do, but sometimes it simply can't be done when you've signed up for five clubs, student council, a study group, three intramural sports teams, and a volunteer opportunity in Tanzania. It all depends on your threshold. So definitely experiment with your limitations, but find that comfortable area and stick with it.
  8. Get to know the staff & sophs
    We are here for you! No literally, we are here for you. As staff members and sophs, we are committed to not only making sure your transition into university is as smooth as peanut butter, but we also strive to make sure your first year of post-secondary education is the best year of your life. We went through first year ourselves, so we can relate with many of the troubles you may face. If we can't find the answer you're looking for, we'll know where to find it (remember tip #4). Apart from being a resource, we are here as a friend. We are here to listen, to laugh, and to learn. So come over for tea, come over to study, come over to finish our intense game of Monopoly. And seriously... we are here for you.
  9. Try new things
    You've already taken the plunge by committing to Western, why not keep the trend going? University is somewhat of a fresh start, so try things you never would have done last year. You'd be surprised by how rewarding these experiences can be. So maybe for you it's joining a hip hop class. Maybe it's getting an extra tomato on your Spoke Bagel BLT. Whatever it may be, don't hesitate. You only have so many years here at Western. You want to look back at your time here with no regrets.
  10. Have fun
    Just do it.
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