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Top 10 Tips for Safe Drinking


If you are of the legal Canadian drinking age (19+) and you choose to drink, please check out these tips on how to celebrate good times without going overboard.

  1. Count Your Drinks
    Don't get lost in your night, keep track. For every drink you finish, keep the lid, tab, or cap in your pocket, or draw a mark on your arm so you can keep track of how much you've consumed. Also, check out, it's an awesome website that tells you neat facts about your lifestyle, like how many pizzas you could have purchased instead of alcohol.
  2. Watch Your Drink
    You may be a socialite, but you cannot know everyone at the party. Always keep your drink with you, and if you have to part ways with it, make sure it's in the hands of a trustworthy friend.
  3. Choose Your Timeline
    It might just be me, but having a drink at 2:00 am sounds pointless. Set yourself a time to stop drinking so you can hydrate and keep those hangovers at bay.
  4. Partner Up
    It's like having a gym buddy, except you're not pumping iron. Find someone you trust and be each other's drinking monitors. If one of you goes too far, you know you'll have each other's backs.
  5. Plan Your Night
    You don't have to bring your agenda to the party, but you should have a good idea of what to expect on the nights you choose to drink. This includes how you're getting home. Do you have a sober driver? Will you cab? Walk with a friend? Whatever your method of transportation, use the buddy system.
  6. Know Your Resources
    What happens if someone starts vomiting? Residence staff members, SERT, and EMS are your friends and are all looking out for your safety. Know where to find them or how to contact them if someone is in need of help that you can't provide.
  7. Choose Your Booze
    When you're purchasing your drinks, be sure to look at the alcohol percentages. Something with a low percentage is much more manageable and can make the difference between having a nice buzz and face-planting on the ground in front of everyone.
  8. Pace Yourself
    Many would be surprised by what constitutes "one drink". A 1 ounce shot glass is a great way to keep track of how many shots of hard liquor you're pouring into a drink. Pull out your watch; in general for females, 2 drinks per 3 hours, and for males, 1 drink per hour.
  9. Cash Money
    You wouldn't want someone using your Visa card to buy themselves a new flat screen would you? So if you're going to go downtown, take only the essentials. Cash and your ID should be just fine.
  10. Alternate Drinks, Not Substances
    A great way to control your drinking and prevent hangovers is to switch between alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages like ginger ale or water. This can be a good way to pace yourself and stay in control. Although, mixing types of alcohol or drinking while consuming cannabis can have a dangerous impact on your body. Keep it simple to stay safe.

So cheers! Keep safe and remember that residence staff members are always here to support you. They're available to you 24/7. Even at 3:00 in the morning you can the call front desk and a staff member will be dispatched to you immediately. We've got your back!

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