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Your New Home in Residence

By Mitch Campbell

Western works hard to offer a student residence experience that has been voted the best in the country for nearly a decade. It's no wonder that most first-year students choose to stay in one of the nine residences that line Western Road and University Drive.

I remember filling out my residence placement questionnaire well. Looking back, I wish that someone had told me not to dwell on the differences between buildings, but on the overwhelming similarities among them. A building is not what makes a house a home; our emotional attachments, and how we treat others within it make it a home. I was fortunate enough to be given my second-to-last choice of residence in my first year and I had an amazing time there. Why? Because strong and vibrant communities are found in each and every one of our buildings.

Transitioning to residence life is a time of personal growth, and a place to celebrate our failures, learn from each other, and support one another. Whether we are feeling the strain of changing relationships, or trying to make new ones. Everyone makes mistakes, from not doing as well as expected on your first quiz to locking yourself out of your room in the first week. We're here to take care of ourselves, each other, and this place.

Our Director of Residences recently overheard an official of another university comment "that's Western for you, they just know residences." While I'm not one to denigrate a compliment, I would like to offer a more accurate one: Western knows community. Sophs, residence staff and secretaries, food service workers, and facilities management personnel all contribute in their own ways to creating phenomenal communities in each of Western's residences. To all of our residents, welcome home.

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