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London in a Week

(Things To Do In and Around London)

Here at Western we have a variety of stores, restaurants, and recreational facilities right here on campus, and one could probably spend the entire year without having to leave our cozy little bubble. However, as wonderful as our campus is, it only represents a fraction of what the city of London has to offer its residents, and many students will spend their entire university career without moving any further than Masonville Place.

Now I get it; we're students, and we don't all exactly have the means to explore every inch of the city (no one expects you to). Nevertheless, here is a week's worth of outings designed to get you out of that rez room and into the city:

  • Monday : Palasad Bowling - Buck a Bowl Mondays!
    What's better than bowling? Dollar bowling, that's what! For the low, low price of one dollar (plus shoes) you can bowl a regular game of ten-pin bowling. Want to play another game? Find another loonie! In addition to the bowling lanes, Palasad offers great food, billiards, ping pong, an arcade, and if you find yourself at the South location, laser tag! It's definitely a great way to start the week and add a smile to the face of anyone suffering from a bad case of the Mondays.
  • Tuesday : Cineplex Tuesdays at SilverCity (Masonville)
    Trying to keep up with affordable means to entertain oneself, Cineplex offers discounted tickets every Tuesday! What's more is that if you happen to have a Scene card (and you definitely should, because it's free!), you'll swing another 10% off of your tickets. Are movies not really your thing? Never fear, the obsessive bowler in you can go back to Palasad for Toonie Tuesdays, because why not?
  • Wednesday : Victoria Park - Outdoor Skating Rink (winter only)
    Once the weather starts to chill down (hooray for the snow belt), many people find the skating rink set up at Victoria Park to be quite enjoyable! There's no admission fee, and unless you need to rent a pair of skates, you should be good to go for some wholesome fun with yourself, some friends, or perhaps that special someone in your life.
  • Thursday : Take a Hike (weather permitting, of course)
    London Ontario is known as "The Forest City," built within numerous woods and equipped with hiking trails, many of which run alongside the Thames river, providing hikers with an incredible scenic route. Not the worst idea when you've been stuck in your books for the duration of midterms, so take a break and get some fresh air!
  • Friday : Yoga Shack - Free Hot Yoga!
    It's been a long week, and the last thing that you want to do is stress yourself out any further. Luckily the Yoga Shack offers free hot yoga classes every Friday (on a first come, first served basis, so arrive early!), so grab yourself a mat, a water bottle, and get ready to do the downward facing dog.
  • Saturday : Victoria Park - Various Festivals (summer)
    Seeing as winter has already been covered, it's only fair to acknowledge the many summer festivals that take place in Victoria Park each year. Among these are the Home Country Folk Music festival, Sunfest, and London's own Ribfest. Enjoy the fair atmosphere, the friendly people, and all of the deep-fried foods.
  • Sunday : Coupon Clipping!
    As students at the wonderful Western University, you will be provided with a Westernizer and Student Guide. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT throw these books away, because they hold a multitude of coupons and flyers that you could potentially live by for the next year. From froyo to discounted tattoos, your western coupons can get you pretty much anything you're looking for, and give you an excuse to try something new.

So get out there and take in everything you can. Campus is great, and there's always something going on, whether it's in residence, in the classroom, or the UCC. Get out of the Western bubble every now and then, and enjoy London for as long as you're around.

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