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Intramurals: Work Hard, Play Hard

By Jonathon McMurray

In first year, I dove into three intramural sports. It was a bit crazy and maybe overkill, but I had the best year ever. In second year, things got a little busier so I only played two intramurals. In my third year, I had lots of lab work, a job, and various other long-term commitments. I felt I had to clear something off my plate and intramurals were the first to go. It's funny that, in an attempt to alleviate my stress, I stopped doing the one thing that alleviated my stress the most-sports. Going into my fourth year, I will be sure to list playing intramurals as a top priority. I'm going to use my lesson learned as advice for you: play intramurals.

Reading this article you might be thinking, "The closest thing I've ever played to a sport is running from the car to the mall in a rainstorm." Alternatively, you might be thinking, "I'd have gone pro if it weren't for my bum knee." Either way, intramurals will undoubtedly enhance your university experience. So whether you're a non-athletic-regular-person or a gym class try-hard, here's why intramurals are right for you.

You'll make great friends.

Whether you're actively looking to make friends or not, you're bound to form new lasting friendships when fighting alongside teammates on the pitch, court, or field. By the time the hockey season started, I had already gotten close with a fair number of people from my residence. I didn't feel like I needed any more friends per se, but finding a whole new group of friends was awesome. I even met a guy who heard my collar bone snap three years prior. Small world eh?

You'll get much needed exercise.

Ever heard of the freshmen fifteen? It's the almost inevitable side effect of sitting in lecture all day, studying all evening, and watching Netflix all night. Getting exercise may have come more naturally to you when you lived at home. You walked the dog, played a sport, and rode your bike to school. Changing your routine is bound to add a few pounds where you aren't looking to add pounds.

Take a mental break.

School is hard. It's meant to be that way. It tests you and forces you to grow. Taking a break to play a sport you love is the best way to keep your mind sharp so you can be on top of your game in this game we call life. Stress is another byproduct of university. It's not a bad thing, but some people deal with it in bad ways. Taking breaks from your work is a healthy way to alleviate some stress.

Having fun in underrated.

Having fun seems to be a uniquely childish pastime. If that's the case, let's all grow down and having some good ol' fashion fun.

Now for the part where I pretend to be an intramurals expert. As a disclaimer, take everything I say with a grain of salt. For actual information, go to the Campus Recreation website; for anecdotal subjective truths, read on.

Signing up for intramurals can be confusing. They throw terms at you like free agent, super comp, and Rez league. Hopefully I can break that all down for you. Begin by choosing what sport you want to play. Next you have to choose a league to play in. Rec, Comp, and Super Comp are the three different leagues you can play in based on your ability and desired level of competition. Then you have to decide whether you want to sign up as a free agent or as a team. If you choose free agent, you sign up alone and will be put on a team full of other people that signed up alone. If you have taken it upon yourself to form or join a team, then sign up as a team. Finally you'll have to pick a timeslot. The good timeslots fill quickly so sign up right away when registration opens in early September!

Since you are living in residence, you have the opportunity to join Rez league. You will only play with and against other residents. The Rez football league is a particularly exciting tradition. In this league, you will represent your residence and play against other residences in weekend tournaments that you won't soon forget.

Finally we have to talk about the coveted Purple Shirt. When you win your league championship, you get a Purple Shirt. It's highly sought after and was all I wanted out of my undergrad. Well that and hopefully a degree. I am proud (and boastful) to announce that I now have two Purple Shirts to my name.

Whether you're in it for a Purple Shirt, new friends, or fun exercise, I know intramurals will be a highlight of your time here at Western.

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