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Homecoming Goodness

By Eric Pattara

Just two weeks after Orientation Week has ended, Western kicks off the year for both current students and alumni with its annual Homecoming celebration. This means purple-A LOT of purple-all over campus and London for the September 25th weekend, so get ready, get set, and keep reading for suggestions on how to have a great Homecoming weekend.

For most of you living in residence, this will be your first Homecoming at Western. While the majority of university-planned programming is geared towards alumni, there will be events that you can participate in within your residence as well as throughout campus.

Before we get into the things to do this year, you should keep in mind that Homecoming is one of the few weekends of the year that there is a no-guest policy in all residences. Keep in mind that all bylaws regarding noise disruptions, underage drinking, and public intoxication remain in effect. So, if you plan to go out this Homecoming, you should definitely be mindful with your plans.


For residence-run events, be sure to check in with your residence sophs, staff, and council to ensure that you are kept in the loop on programs running within your buildings. Each building has their own Homecoming traditions, ranging from paint fights to tie dye shirts, so ask around and you'll be sure to have a great time.

This year's football game will have the Western Mustangs up against the Carleton Ravens. Tickets can be purchased online, by phone, or in person at the game. One handy tip for those living the student life is to (if you don't mind) go to the game at half time, at which point it is free for all to enter. Another way to enjoy the game if TD Stadium doesn1't appeal to you is to check out some of the campus restaurants, such as the Spoke or Grad Club, both of which will usually play the game where you can enjoy it along with some great food.

We hope you have a safe and fantastic Homecoming!

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