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  1. Party Elsewhere!
    It is imperative for you to avoid having the festivities at your place. This will significantly minimize the chances of room damages, and you don't have to clean up in the morning!
  2. Calm Down
    There can be a lot of hype around holidays like Halloween. Don't lose yourself in the excitement, especially if you decide to get turnt. Be conscious of how much you have consumed and how much you plan to consume.
  3. Stranger Danger!
    Stick with your friends for the night. Like buffalos travelling in a herd, it's just safe. You shouldn't get to a point in the night where you're asking yourself if you know the people you're with.
  4. Shhhh
    Please respect the fact that some people are trying to get their beauty rest! Quiet hours are still 11:00 pm on weekdays and 1:00am on weekends.
  5. Transportation
    Know where you're going and how you're getting there and back. Whether you plan to bus, bike, drive, walk, swim, hand glide, zip line, parasail, rickshaw, or hot air balloon your way to the party, ensure that there is a designated driver who has not consumed a drop of alcohol.
  6. Taxi!
    Plug these numbers into your phone. They're quite useful. Yellow London Taxi - (519) 657-1111. Aboutown Taxi - (519) 432-2222
  7. Eat Right
    Don't forget about the four food groups! It's okay to treat yourself to some candy every once in a while, but still stay on top of that balanced and nutrient dense diet of yours!
  8. Get creative with your costume!
    Wear something that you would be comfortable with being seen online, because we all have that friend who will upload a million photos from one party. A recent study shows that 45% of grandparents use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so keep that in mind when the time comes to take a selfie.
  9. Don't go trick-or-treating, save the candy for the kids
    You are too old for this. Go buy discount candy at Shoppers on November 1st if it really means that much to you.
Check Your Drinking
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