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Extended Stay Requests


As stated in the Residence Contract, students must vacate their rooms within 24 hours following their final examination.

All residences will be officially closed for the summer on May 1 at noon.

For those who need to stay longer than the 24-hour period after their final examination, Extended Stay Requests must be submitted with appropriate documentation attached (ie. flight itinerary, proof of academic accommodation for moved exam).

The forms are currently at your residence front desk, and must be filled out with attached documentation and handed back into the front desk no later than April 1. The outcome of your request will be emailed to you. Please refer to your building's Facebook Group or consult with your Residence Manager for a list of requests that are typically approved or not approved.

Please note that there is a $100 fine for each night spent in residence beyond your official move-out date if you have not been approved for an extended stay.

Since all residences will be closed on May 1 at noon, that is the latest possible date extended stays can be granted for. If you are in need of accommodations for the night of May 1, The Guest House on the Mount, offers accommodations close to campus, and from May 10 until mid-August, Western Summer Accommodations offers affordable long- and short-term options in London Hall or Ontario Hall.

In April, you will be receiving further instructions on how to move-out of residence, so be sure to check your Western email regularly.

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