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Important Things You Need to Know about Consent

By Elena

It's time we talk about Consent.

1) What Is Consent?

Consent is when you give permission to willingly, voluntarily and enthusiastically engage in sexual activity. It's an honest agreement in which both partners are respectful of each other's boundaries.

2) Only Yes Means Yes

It's a simple concept and easy to understand. The only way to consent is by saying yes without being pressured to do so. If both parties consent, and are on the same page then you're both ready!

3) Your Appearance or "Body Language" Doesn't Signify Your Consent

You could be dressed for a night on the town. They could have brushed your arm. They could be dancing with you. They may have asked for your number. None of these signify that either of you want to or have consented to having any sexual interaction or relationship with each other.

4) There's No Such Thing as Obligation

You and your partner are never obligated to do anything. People change their mind, and that's OKAY! At any point, you can go from consenting to deciding you don't want to anymore. It also can't be assumed that what you've done previously with your partner will happen again. Also, just because you bought them an expensive dinner doesn't mean that they owe you or that they are obligated to have sex with you in return.

5) Communication is Key

If your partner isn't being their usual self, seems uncomfortable, or you don't know what they want, have an open conversation with them. This way you will know exactly where they stand.

6) Alcohol

Although consent can be given after consuming alcohol, if you or your partner are intoxicated, consent cannot be given as it alters your ability to make judgements based on what you would want while sober. People tend to behave differently while under the influence of alcohol which can make people more aggressive or vulnerable.

Check Your Drinking
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