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Fun and Productive Breaks during Exam Season


We all know by now that studying is very important. Make sure you are scheduling your studying but also some breaks that include things other than studying too. Here are some things to do other than studying.

  1. Start a workout routine...
    If you haven't already. Studies have shown that physical activity increases academic performance. Why not take a break and schedule in a quick 20 minute workout and a 10 minute shower for a proactive break.
  2. Eat.
    Do you know how much work it is to make a healthy meal? But more importantly, how much fun it is sometimes? Find yourself something healthy to eat and make sure you are eating!!
  3. Have a dance party aka. clean your room
    Blast the music and have a dancing/cleaning party to keep your thoughts and your room straight.
  4. Drink lots of water.
    So you're studying, but then you got thirsty. Before you know it you consumed over 3 water bottles full of water. GOOD FOR YOU! We all know that are body is composed of about 50 percent water, so keep on replenishing it. (fun fact: Muscle contains more water than fat does.) In the winter it will keep your skin from being dry from the heating systems and the dry but freezing outdoors. Also, in the summer it will keep you from being dehydrated. Think about it this way: a 2 minute walk to refill your reusable water bottle (especially if you can't find it when you are lost in the MedSci building) and another 3 minute bathroom break. THAT'S A 5 MINUTE break!
  5. Make Friends.
    Here you are awkwardly sitting in the corner of a relatively quiet room with two strangers sitting a few tables away from you. You found a great studying spot which somehow has become locked since you got in there. As you are studying, some stranger knocks on the window yelling "let me in" while you confusingly look over at the other strangers in the room and look back at this stranger outside. Then you shrug and keep working (you don't want strangers to enter your home which clearly has become this study spot)... then the people in the room (soon to become friends) ask you if you know the guy and you say "no." Before you know it, you will start chatting with them and BAM you made friends. Now take a few minutes to text and snapchat them (even if they are in the same room 'studying' with you) and that is another break.
  6. Moisturize your skin.
    Next time you set up for studying, pack your bags with books and stuff for studying but also your lip balm and hand cream. As mentioned earlier with the dry dry winters here in Canada. Keep your hands moisturized from the multiple washroom breaks you had and keep your lips moisturized after washing it all away with the water drinking you've done!
  7. Make lists.
    Have you ever headed to bed and then realizing you had this to-do, and that to-do... but then there's also this... Next time, before you head to bed grab a pen and a notepad and write the to-do before you go to bed and park all your thoughts down onto that piece of paper and try to drift off to bed. This then leads us to the last fun and productive break.
  8. Sleep.
    Are you considering pulling that all-nighter? Is it really worth it? Sleeping is so important for your brain and for your body. You are able to absorb more information effectively if you are well rested.
  9. That's it. Eat, Sleep, Live, Breathe and you are off to a healthy and well-rounded exam period. That's right, have some fun while taking care of yourself!

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