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Wellness and a Balanced Lifestyle

By Tammy Zhang

Overall wellness can be achieved when there is balance in life, and there are several areas in which the philosophy of balance can be exercised.

  1. Physical
    Physical balance includes getting sufficient exercise and sleep, enjoy a well-balanced diet, find down time from all the chaos that is our daily lives, and finally, pick a hobby you enjoy. Western offers nearly 200 extracurricular clubs with interests ranging from the Archery Club to Calligraphers of Western to Amnesty International at Western, to many others.
  2. Mental
    Mental health and balance is another crucial component of wellness. When you are feeling overwhelmed, try planning out your day and setting short-term, realistic goals for yourself. Exam periods can be particularly stressful, so make sure to prioritize your time and to take a breather when necessary. Refer to our Fun and Productive Breaks during Exam Season for some great relaxation tips. Keeping a journal can also be a great way to let out some steam, vent to 'Dear Diary' to let out your frustrations. Writing in a journal can also help you organize your thoughts and feelings; once they are written down you may feel differently or perhaps see things more clearly.
  3. Social/Emotional
    To help achieve wellness in your social and emotional health, here are several tips to keep in mind. First, do a good deed for someone else, and see what this can inspire in you. It may lift emotional stress and help you feel better about yourself as well as your immediate environment. Also cooperate with other people you meet, a meaningful social connection with others can improve your outlook and again boost your emotional and social health. Finally, in your down time, you can also reconnect with a good friend or family member to catchup. Again, this meaningful social interaction can help you better reconcile your surroundings and provide motivation and stability.
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