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The Rainbow Flag

So what about that flag?

Fear to Fun, the Intramural Jitters

Here's an insiders perspective to how much fun the intramural scene is for those who haven't played a sport since grade 9 gym.

Travelling Safely for the Winter Break

As you begin to plan your travel arrangements for winter break, whether you're planning to get on a flight or stay in residence, here are some tips for safe travel.

Fun and Productive Breaks during Exam Season

Don't feel bad for taking a break... do something productive and have fun all at the same time. Here are a few ways...

5 Reasons to Residence Soph

Cause the fun shouldn't have to end after first year!

Why I became Rez Soph

Join the sophing community so you can get involved, while showing the incoming class how much fun you had when you stayed in rez.

Why I Became Residence Staff

How to get paid while basically flying on a magic carpet or to become a better person, whatever floats your carpet.

Important Things You Need to Know about Consent

It's time we talk about Consent.

12 Tips for Studying at Western University

It's that time of the season: exams are approaching and there are more and more shows on Netflix that you are being told to catch up on. Well, what's a student to do? Let's see...


Don't let what happens on October 31st haunt you the rest of your life. Here are some ways to stay safe and classy.

Homecoming Goodness

Know the ins and outs and hows of Western's Homecoming.

What is Consent?

Be in the know about consent. Don't be "that guy/girl" and have a better and more satisfying relationship.
(originally published on

What is Sexual Violence?

Be in the know about Sexual Violence. Speak up.
(originally published on

Proper Roommate Etiquette

First time living with someone other than your famjam? Listen up.


The story behind the residence dining hall Tupperware box. Get ONE!

7 Easy Steps to Live More Sustainably

When being "green" means more than yellow meeting blue. Easy tips to get you living towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

8 Tips for a Successful Adjustment to University

Advice for rez students by rez students to keep you successful throughout the year.

Top 10 Tips for Safe Drinking

If you are of the legal Canadian drinking age (19+) and you choose to drink, please check out these tips on how to celebrate good times without going overboard.

Your New Home in Residence

No matter what building you live in, all rez students will have the same rez experience.

How to Successfully Move into Residence

It's happening. You're moving out and getting ready to meet your new family for the next year. Are you ready? Check out these tips to help you successfully move into residence!

Top 10 Tips for Living in Residence

Here are a couple lil'tips and tricks to get the most out of your first year here at Western U.

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