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Residence Staff Applications 2018-2019

Welcome letter from
RezLife Management Team


October 2017

Dear Applicant,

You've made an important decision by reviewing a Residence Staff Application package. The decision to apply to the residence staff team is one that goes beyond simply looking for an employment opportunity. Being a residence staff member is a very demanding and rewarding role that affects every member of our residence community.

Employers today are seeking the kind of employable skills that are found in the leadership opportunities we offer in residence, including the ability to lead large groups of people, to "think on your feet," and to be prepared to face unpredictable situations, to exercise good mediation and interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.

The program here is varied and exciting, and we'll give you a good start by offering a learning and development program (Staff Training) before you begin, and providing ongoing learning opportunities and support throughout the year. As a staff member, you can look forward to being involved in community-building, event programming, mediation and dispute resolution, crisis management, social issues awareness, team building, and more.

A position on residence staff is one that provides a great deal of enjoyment and is very rewarding. It's an opportunity for you to learn new skills while enabling a positive residence life experience for your fellow residents. At Western, we are very proud of our Residence Life Program, and we are pleased that you want to be a part of it.

Residence Life Management Team
Division of Housing and Ancillary Services


Staff Applications

Hiring Handbook

All applicants must read Residence Staff Hiring Guidelines & Understandings before the application process.
Download pdf file

Contact Us

If you have questions about staff positions or the application process,
- speak with your Residence Manager,
- call the Housing Office (519) 661-3548
- or email

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