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Residence Staff Applications 2018-2019

New Staff Application

  1. Print the Application Process Checklist pdf file
  2. Read the Hiring Guidelines & Understandings pdf file
  3. Mark the Important Dates pdf file on your calendar
  4. Review & Select positions:
    Position Descriptions
    Supplementary Position Descriptions (Optional)
  5. Submit the names and email addresses for two individuals who have supervised your work in an employment or volunteer setting on your Residence Staff application. Your referees will be emailed the reference forms separately through our online portal.
  6. Submit the name and email address for your current on your Residence Staff member on your Residence Staff application (for applicants living in residence only). Your staff member will be emailed the Staff Assessment form separately through our online portal.
  7. Click here to Apply
    The residence staff application will be available in early November 2017.
    Deadline: Friday, January 5, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

If you are having problems with this online application or require submission of your application in an alternative format, please contact


Staff Applications

Hiring Handbook

All applicants must read Residence Staff Hiring Guidelines & Understandings before the application process.
Download pdf file

Contact Us

If you have questions about staff positions or the application process,
- speak with your Residence Manager,
- call the Housing Office (519) 661-3548
- or email

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