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How to Successfully Move into Residence

  • Check for your move-in day routes and guides. It will provide you with the date and time you're scheduled to move-in. Please try to follow the scheduled time as closely as possible in order to ensure a successful move in day for all students!
  • If you're travelling from far away and would like to stay overnight in London, be sure to book your accommodations early! Check the London Tourism webpage for places to stay!
  • If you're moving in on your designated move-in day, there will be hundreds of sophs (upper-year student volunteers) here to greet you and welcome you to Western. They will help unload your personal belonging so you don't even have to lift a finger! You can easily identify these volunteers with their bright uniforms and funky hair! Please make sure to label your belongings in case your luggage is lost in transit.
  • Try to pack light and only include the essential items! Things like your winter clothes can wait until you go home for Thanksgiving.
  • Please do not use alcoholic beverage boxes to pack your belongings. Our sophs will not move any belongings packed in beer/alcoholic beverage boxes.
  • Events start the night of your move-in day, say your good-byes and get energized and ready to begin the best four years of your university life!
  • Remember that O-week is dry, meaning that there is no consumption of alcohol for the entire duration of the o-week. This includes all students who are 19 and over.
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